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LOOK: Lane Johnson dressed up as Kelce before Week 8 game


You might remember that Jason Kelce showed up for the Eagles' primetime showdown earlier this year with the hated division rival Dallas Cowboys in... a t-shirt and flip-flops.

It was a classic no-fuss outfit from the everyman center, a perfect "I don't care" statement before he and the Birds mauled Dallas to stay undefeated and atop the NFC East.

Kelce later said on his podcast with his brother Travis Kelce that he doesn't care about gameday outfits: "I don't like to play dress up, I like to play football."

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Unsurprisingly, his fellow offensive lineman and jokester right tackle Lane Johnson took both the outfit and the quote to a new level when Halloween came around.

Johnson rolled up to the Eagles' Week 8 matchup against the Steelers rocking a full Jason Kelce reproduction, down to the flip flops and the messenger bag:

That is an ELITE teammate troll job, and also a tremendous Halloween costume. You'll see tons of witty stuff around the internet over the next few days but I can't imagine a more niche, well-executed costume being executed.

The only note, I guess, is that Johnson opted for the old-school Kelce hair circa 2013 when Kelce has been rocking shorter hairstyles for a few years now. It's a detail, but real Eagles heads will take note.

Overall, this team is just so fun. It helps being undefeated, but the vibes around this entire squad are fantastic - and with a pretty weak schedule incoming, that shouldn't change anytime soon.

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