Mattress Mack opens invitation to Eagles fans for Texans TNF game


Jim McIngvale, known as Mattress Mack for his furniture retail chain, is taking the phrase “let bygone be bygones” to another level.

The 71-year-old Houston businessman and Astros superfan stands to win $75 million if the Astros win the World Series. The stress of this tenacious Phillies squad and the run-of-the-mill Philadelphia fans seemed to get the best of McIngvale during Game 3, when he was spotted engaged in a profanity-laced exchange with some Phillies fans.

Fast forward to the next morning, and McIngvale seems to be in good spirits and ready to keep the rivalry friendly. This time, he’s taking it to the gridiron. 

In a video posted to Facebook Wednesday morning, McIngvale invited fans of the Philadelphia Eagles living in Houston for Thursday night’s matchup between the Eagles and Texans. McIngvale said he has 18 tickets -- nine pairs -- and offered a phone number of former Pro Bowler Gerald McNeil for fans to call for more information.

McIngvale signed off with a spirited “Go ‘Stros! Go Texans!”

Based on McIngvale’s Facebook, he seems to have opted to stay in Philadelphia for Game 5 of the World Series Thursday night, which was pushed back one day after Game 3 was postponed on Monday due to weather.

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