Meet John Madden: Video game namesake and subject of new documentary


John Madden is an NFL legend in more ways than one. 

After 10 years as an NFL coach of the Oakland Raiders, winning Super Bowl XI and 30 years in broadcasting, the Hall of Fame coach continues to be a part of the sport he knows and loves.

The 85-year-old legend is the name behind the most iconic football video game of all time, one that has sold more than 250 million copies worldwide, and he is now the subject of a FOX documentary entitled "All Madden" that will air on Christmas Day.

A clip was unveiled prior to the Patriots-Falcons game on Thursday night that showed Madden and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick in an interview shortly before Super Bowl XXXVI. The two went on to reflect on the legacy of the other's career in the NFL during the documentary.

While many fans have begun their countdown on the anticipated doc, here’s all you need to know about Mr. Madden.

When did John Madden coach?

John Madden was the linebackers coach for the Raiders from 1967 to 1968. After two seasons, Madden took over as the team’s head coach and served in that capacity until 1978 where he retired at 42 years old.

How many Super Bowls did John Madden win?

John Madden won his only Super Bowl appearance with the Raiders in 1976. Oakland beat the Minnesota Vikings 32-14 in Super Bowl XI at the Rose Bowl. 

What was John Madden's head coaching record?

Madden has an overall record of 112–39–7 including the postseason. He remains the coach with most wins in Raiders history and his overall winning percentage ranks second in league history.

Is John Madden in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The Raiders coach is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Madden was inducted as a member of the Class of 2006. He never had a losing season in 10 seasons as Oakland Raiders head coach.

Did John Madden ever play in the NFL?

Madden was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles as the 244th overall pick in the 1958 NFL Draft, but his NFL career ended quickly after suffering a knee injury during his rookie training camp.

When did John Madden begin broadcasting?

Madden was young when he retired from coaching, so he decided to begin his next career as a broadcaster. He began working for CBS in 1979. He was then the lead NFL analyst for FOX from 1994-2002 and the analyst for ABC's "Monday Night Football" for four years before he came to NBC Sports in 2006, where he worked on Sunday Night Football. He is the only person to work as the lead analyst for all four broadcast networks.

Why is Madden named after John Madden?

Electronic Arts (EA) founder Trip Hawkins came up with the video game and approached Madden in 1984 for his endorsement and expertise. Hawkins' first choice to front his new football game was San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana, but he already had an endorsement deal with Atari at the time. 

When was Madden the video game first released?

Madden wanted to make sure that the game would be as realistic as possible, so the first version of “John Madden Football” did not appear until 1988. EA changed the name to “Madden NFL” in 1993 after acquiring the rights to use NFL teams and players. EA has released annual versions since 1990.

How much money does John Madden make from the video game?

Madden signed a $150-million deal in 2005 that allows EA to use his name and likeness in perpetuity. Madden also earns additional millions annually in royalties from the games. 

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