Jalen Hurts

Oddsmakers predict big things for Hurts and the Eagles

If Vegas is any guide, you can expect a deep postseason run for the Eagles again in 2023.

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The 2023 Eagles season approaches with as much anticipation and expectations as any in recent memory. After last year’s Super Bowl defeat at the hands of the Chiefs, The NFL world believes that the Birds won’t be experiencing the fabled Super Bowl hangover that many other teams suffer after a loss on the biggest stage in the sport.

The oddsmakers are no different, predicting big things for not just the Eagles as a team, but for some individual players as well.

(All odds courtesy PointsBet)


  • Patrick Mahomes +600
  • Joe Burrow +700
  • Josh Allen +800
  • Jalen Hurts +900
  • Justin Herbert +1000
  • Lamar Jackson +1400
  • T. Lawrence/A. Rodgers/J. Fields +1500

No real surprises on the favorite. Patrick Mahomes already has two MVP trophies, and as long as he is upright and healthy, he’ll contend for the award. Beyond that, though, it’s a little interesting that Hurts would sit behind Burrow and Allen. You could argue that they both have better bodies of work individually, Hurts finished second in the voting last season, and is on the ascent in his career, moreso than either Burrow or Allen. On the other hand, Hurts bettors can thank the oddsmakers for the extra value, at least for now.

Super Bowl LVIII Odds

  • Chiefs +600
  • Eagles +650
  • Bills +800
  • 49ers +900
  • Bengals +1000
  • Jets +1300
  • Cowboys +1400
  • Ravens +1800

Very similar to the MVP odds, just substituting team names for each team’s QBs. No reason to believe the Chiefs will slow down, although the AFC will prove to be very competitive this season. Interesting to see the Jets at +1300; I don’t think adding Aaron Rodgers automatically makes them a SB contender.

NFC East Odds

  • Eagles -130
  • Cowboys +180
  • Giants +675
  • Commanders +1500

The Eagles roll in as the decided favorite, but get this: no NFC East team has won back-to-back division titles since the Eagles did so in 2003 and 2004! The Cowboys figure to give the Eagles a real run this season, but this seems like easy money to take the Eagles to repeat.

Notable Win Totals (O/U)

  • Eagles 11.5
  • Chiefs 11.5
  • Bengals 11.5
  • 49ers 10.5
  • Bills 10.5
  • Ravens 10.5

It seems as tough the oddsmakers may have factored in the first-place schedule that the teams at the top of this list will play in 2023, and the win totals rarely go very high (or low, for that matter). The Cardinals are the only NFL team with a win total below 6.5, at 4.5. (Hammer the under, they may not win a game).

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