Redemption is sweet for two Eagles in Colts win


The beauty of sports is the chance for redemption, and Quez Watkins and Brandon Graham both bounced back in a big way Sunday in Indianapolis.
After committing major gaffes in the fourth quarter six days earlier, Watkins and Graham both made huge plays in the fourth quarter Sunday as the Eagles got back on track.
Watkins scored the Eagles’ first touchdown a minute and a half into the fourth quarter on a 22-yard pass from Jalen Hurts, and Graham sacked Matt Ryan on a crucial 3rd-and-9 with 48 seconds left and the Colts trying to get into field goal range.
“It was so sweet,” Nick Sirianni said. “You know, I love that. I love that this is such a great part of this game, that you get to win, lose, good play, bad play, you get to move on and play the next play. 
“It's like life, right? You get to move on and play the next play no matter what. All you can control is that next play. So whether you made a great play or made a bad play or whatever it is, all you can control is the next one. 
“To see what those guys were able to do and come in there and make plays speaks to who they are as people, who they are as players, that they're truly in the moment. Both those guys truly in the moment. 
“Quez had a big third-down conversion. Obviously had the touchdown, but he had a big third-down conversion too where he had great ball security on that, because he got whacked by  E.J. Speed. He got whacked pretty good and held onto the football. 
“Then B.G. just has this knack of making plays in critical moments, as this entire city knows. It's great that those guys made big time plays. Doesn't surprise me and just have that next-play mentality, next-play mentality, next-play mentality, it speaks to who they are.”
Watkins had been lobbying Hurts on the sideline to get him the ball on that particular route, and it paid off.
“It's a thing of communication,” Hurts said. “I encourage (that), and it's one thing that I work on actively, just the communication in anything. That is what makes something go efficiently. We were communicating receivers to quarterback, coach to quarterback, all of us were trying to get on the same page. 
“I encouraged them even last night. ‘Hey, holler at me. Let me know what you guys see. Let coaches know. Let's talk about it and get on the same page so we can go out and execute.’ We did that. You know, we did that.’” 
Graham’s sack was his first since Week 3 and 63rd of his career, 4th-most in Eagles history. He steamrolled Colts rookie left tackle Bernhard Raimann Colts, turning a 3rd-and-9 at the Colts’ 40 with 48 seconds left into a 4th-and-16 at the 33. Ballgame.
“You know what, it was cool because, Sweaty (Josh Sweat) had just (left the game), he was rushing (Raimann), and I was like, ‘Man, he was killing him outside,’” Graham said. “So I just said, ‘I'm going to bull rush him.’ I saw that Matt Ryan kept stepping up in the pocket and I wanted to just make sure he didn't step up.
“So I just went all out and bull-rushed. I knew we needed a play and I didn't know he still had the ball. I just knew that the dude (Raimann) was going backwards. I was happy to get the sack to help kill the drive.
“You know what's so cool about it is, you know, last game I cost the team on that last penalty. … I was just happy to make up for that.
“There was a lot of stuff in that game where we just persevered. We said if we got a chance, we were going to go out and finish the game and that’s what we did.”

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