Roob's 10 memories of the day the Eagles won the Super Bowl


Three years ago today, the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

It was an unforgettable day for most of us, and as the months and years have gone by, I’ve realized that many of my favorite memories of Super Bowl Sunday in Minneapolis aren’t necessarily of the game itself but of the hours before and after the game.

Here’s a look back at 10 random memories from Feb. 4, 2018, when the Eagles finally delivered a championship to Philadelphia.

SIX HOURS EARLY: There were shuttle buses from the media hotel in Bloomington out to US Bank Stadium, but I couldn’t wait for the first one, so I got an Uber maybe six hours before kickoff and headed over to the stadium. Got through security, found my seat in the empty press box and just settled in and began soaking it all in. Even though we had been out there all week, finding my seat and getting set up and seeing that Eagles logo in the end zone below me was the first time it all seemed real. The Eagles were in the Super Bowl.

“FLY EAGLE FLY:” About an hour before kickoff, it was time for my live TV hit with Derrick Gunn outside the stadium, and I’ve never been so cold in my life. It was 3 degrees. Our NBC Sports Philadelphia location was on a huge concourse outside the stadium, and as Gunner and I talked about the game, a crowd of Eagles fans began congregating right behind us, spontaneously singing the Eagles’ fight song … as we were going live. One of the producers tried to get everyone to leave, but the crowd just kept getting bigger and louder, and Gunner and I were previewing the game amidst this insanity and trying hard not to crack up laughing. Somehow we made it to the end of our segment, and we both immediately lost it.

I JUST HAD A FEELING:  Walking back into the now-packed stadium, it seemed about 80 percent of the fans were Eagles fans. At one point, I was walking behind two Patriots fans and one said to the other one, “They’ve got us outnumbered.” And the other replied, “Big-time.” The Eagles fans just took over the stadium. They were louder, rowdier, more obnoxious, and I don’t know why it hit me then, but I remember thinking to myself, “The Eagles are not losing this game.” I had picked the Eagles to win earlier in the week, but walking around the concourse, I was just so sure about it. It just seemed like Philly’s day.

PHILLY SPECIAL: My first reaction after the Philly Special was to start looking up stats. You know me. I tweeted out like eight stats about the historic play during halftime, and the second half started and I swear the fact that Doug Pederson had run a trick play against the greatest coach of all-time on 4th down in a Super Bowl didn’t even seem surprising at the time. We were just so used to that team and that coach doing crazy stuff all year and ALL of it working. As the years have gone by, our wonder at the Philly Special has only increased. But I just remember thinking, “OK, they ran a trick play, and Nick Foles just caught a touchdown pass from Trey Burton,” and it didn’t even seem all that crazy.

HAIL MARY: I remember staring at the clock as the final few seconds slowly ticked down and thinking how these last couple plays would define Eagles history. How in 50 years people would either be reading about a Super Bowl championship or another postseason disappointment. After Tom Brady’s Hail Mary fell to the ground I just stared out at the field for about 30 seconds looking for a flag. I was convinced the refs were going to give Brady one more shot. But it was over.

MVP VOTE: I wrote the name “Nick Foles” on my MVP ballot and got chills.

B.G. POST-GAME: The first guy I spoke to post-game was Brandon Graham, who met with the media while he was holding his then 1-year-old daughter Emerson. B.G. was talking about everything he had overcome in his career, the 1st-round bust tag, some really serious injuries that he played through at the end of the season and of course the strip sack. We’re supposed to be objective journalists and that was one of those times it was impossible, and I was just so incredibly happy for that dude.

NICK FOLES POST-GAME: Foles’ presser was packed as you can imagine and very short. I somehow got called for the last question and I have no idea what I asked, but I’ll never forget how he started his answer: “Hey, Roob, how’s it going!” The guy had just finished this storybook season, but he was still just Nick. Same old Nick.

LOCKER ROOM: A few days earlier, when Corey Clement — then an unknown undrafted rookie backup running back — found out I was an MVP voter, he jokingly made me promise to vote for him. After the game in the locker room, Corey and I talked about his historic 100-yard receiving performance and miracle TD catch and laughed about how that joke from earlier in the week actually almost came true.

THE DAY NEVER ENDED: At some point there was a shuttle back to the Marriott, where I sat in a deserted hotel bar and wrote stories throughout the night. I never slept, and at around 6:30 a.m. I called into the WIP Morning Show and Angelo asked me if the reality had set in yet. I said it hadn’t. And three years later, I'm still not sure it has.

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