Super Bowl 55 prop bets: The cannon won't fire, but it can win or lose you money


To quote the great Ron Burgundy: "I need all of you to stop what you're doing and listen. CANNONBALL!"

The Phillie Phanatic fires hot dogs into the crowd via cannon on a truck.

Sixers mascot Franklin energizes the fans during stoppages by launching t-shirts into the stands with a super hyper cannon of his own.

This Sunday at Super Bowl 55 in Tampa, the cannons inside Raymond James Stadium, the Buccaneers home field, will be silent during the game except during the Bucs' introductions and if Tom Brady captures his seventh ring. The Bucs are adhering to the NFL's wishes to maintain a neutral site atmosphere.

However, that doesn't mean a player can't bring the cannons to them.

Our friends at ​Pro Football Talk​, in conjunction with NBC Sports Betting Partner PointsBet​, have set up a wager for any player to throw a football into a cannon porthole during a celebration.

The odds are +5000 ($10 bet to win $500) for any member of the Chiefs or Buccaneers to accomplish such a feat. This seems like quite a longshot to happen, but you could pocket $50 for a mere $1 if someone gets a wacky idea to launch a ball and have it land inside the target on the Bucs Pirate Ship.

I mean, Patrick Mahomes and Brady could attempt it. However, my thoughts are you have a better chance of seeing guys like Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski take a shot.

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