The best part about Eagles imperfect perfect 6-0 start


The best part about the Eagles’ perfect 6-0 start is that they’re far from perfect.

As they enter their bye week, the Eagles are the NFL’s only undefeated team and they’ve accumulated their 6-0 record without yet playing their best game.

So the Eagles are already really good and they have even more room to grow.

That’s exciting.

In a way, it’s more exciting than if the Eagles had already played up to their ceiling. Because through six games, they’ve been very good, but they still have plenty of things to clean up during their self-scout on the bye week.

In a way, that sounds like Jalen Hurts’ dream — to have a team that’s winning but gives him the chance to point out their imperfections at the lectern after each W. He’s always talking about the standard — and you can argue the Eagles haven’t even reached that yet.

“I think being 6-0 is awesome, but I think you can put your foot on everybody and say, ‘You like this? This feel good?’” Nick Sirainni said. “All right, then we got to keep going and really dive in even harder.

“It's not to say you don't do that when you're 0-6 or 2-5, or whatever, but it's just easier to really get after everything because I think there is no feelings are involved when you're 6-0. It's like, hey, let's go. This isn’t good enough, and let's get it better.”

There are no feeling involved when you’re 6-0.

That part of Sirianni’s quote really sticks out. Because you’d think it might be hard for a team with a perfect record to find things to improve. With a bad team, those deficiencies are often pretty obvious. They’re less obvious with this team. But Sirianni’s point is that it’s easier to point out those problem areas with a winning record.

You learn a lot from losses, but you’d always prefer to learn from wins.

Back in training camp, Jason Kelce brought up that it can sometimes be more difficult to correctly evaluate tape after a win because you might be more likely to overlook something through rose-colored glasses. This is where the Eagles have to be more about the process than the results. Because you can’t argue about the results — six games, six wins.

But if you just watch the tape, the Eagles can get better.

Despite their 6-0 record, there are still plenty of areas where the Eagles can improve. Their special teams units have been shaky. Their run defense gets leaky at times. For whatever reason, they score all their points in the second quarter. Blitzes are still giving them fits.

During the bye week, Sirianni hands out special projects to his assistant coaches, who will take deep dives on some individual elements of the game and report back. The Eagles will use that information and try to apply it to their team with the hopes of getting better.

It’s a good thing the Eagles seem like self-starters, because if you start looking at their schedule over the final 11 games, there aren’t many juggernauts. They come back from the bye with games against the Steelers, Texans, Commanders and Colts.

“There are always things to work on, right? Always things to work on,” Sirianni said. “So, I actually think that we can be even more demanding and more crazy about, you know, what the standard is when you are 6-0.”

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