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This 2017 Pederson quote about Wentz sadly predicted future


Heading into Week 8 of 2017, the Eagles were 6-1 and riding high off a home win over Washington. 

The 49ers were visiting the Linc, and before the game kicked off, then-Eagles head coach Doug Pederson was chatting up San Fran GM John Lynch about Carson Wentz's superb start to the season.

It was a moment in time where everything felt like it was coming together for Eagles fans: the new coach, the QB, and the whole squad were coalescing. They were good.

But as Pederson and Lynch chatted about Wentz, Pederson accidentally foretold the future of the now-traded QB:

"John, I'm gonna tell you: you never know about a player really, truly, until you get him in your building and you can work with the guy. This kid's unbelievable, the way he prepares, the way he practices, and for this city? It's unbelievable. It's been fun. As long as we don't screw him up, right? [Laughs]"

Oof, that last line.

Wentz really did capture the hearts of the Eagles' organization, and the team's fanbase, that season with a hard-nosed playing style and the ability to churn out highlight reel plays on a regular basis.

Which is why it's so hard to understand how, less than four years later - after the team won a dang Super Bowl that very season! - Pederson is gone and now so is Wentz.

Was part of it the team screwing Wentz up? Some fans certainly would say so. Drafting a quarterback in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft in Jalen Hurts wasn't exactly investing resources into building a strong team around Wentz, nor was it a vote of confidence about Wentz's durability or talent level.

Then again, there's an opposite segment of the fanbase that would say Wentz should've been able to play without worrying about Hurts stealing his job after the Eagles guaranteed him millions and millions of dollars with a long-term extension. And his seeming distaste for competing for the starting job next year isn't great, either.

Ultimately, the whole situation was screwed up by a series of questionable decisions by the front office, poor play by Wentz, and maybe also a little iffy coaching from Pederson.

What a fall from grace, for all involved.

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