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This impromptu tailgate tush push song is hysterical (and incredibly catchy)


Do you ever come across something on the internet that immediately improves your day?

You see it and it's all you can think about? You watch it over and over and each time you find a new bit to enjoy?

Yeah, that just happened.

If there's one thing that's always a lock in life — it's that Eagles fans know how to tailgate (especially when the Birds are on a roll). With the Bills in town and the Eagles in the middle of the gauntlet of their schedule, of course fans were ready to bring some energy.

The only thing is .. you never know *how* they're going to do it.

Roaming around the lots was a fan playing the guitar. As he was doing such, he let everyone know that for one dollar, he would sing about any topic you gave him on the fly.

A dollar was given and the subject selected … the tush push.

The artist, Noam Osband, hit the ground running and created this catchy and hysterical song about the Eagles' most unstoppable play:

Someone make this the anthem for the rest of the season. Let him perform at halftime. Heck, put him on a single with Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata.

What a bop. A bop that was certainly worth more than a dollar.

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