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WATCH: Eagles' 2022 hype video is here, and it's glorious


Folks, it's that time of year.

Football begins Thursday night. The Eagles kick the season off on Sunday afternoon. And the hype video has dropped.

The Eagles have a long history of epic season-opening hype videos, and this year's is another masterclass is voiceover and editing expertise.

Instead of opting for celebrity cameos or fancy After Effects graphics the team decided to go with a players-centric focus, which I love. Basically everything here is focused on the players, their grind, and their words. All the voice-overs are players or Nick Sirianni, who has a bunch of strong lines.

Here's the final product:

Some initial highlights:

  • The halal cart in Center City with an Eagles flag is a nice touch
  • Brandon Graham saying "We're about to whoop some ass" during stretches
  • Jordan Mailata strumming a guitar, because he's a heartthrob
  • Mailata yelling "That's my QB!"
  • Sirianni's "Now turn that music up!" is a banger that needs to be clipped
  • Someone mic'd up yelling "You can't do that, dumbass!" has me dead
  • Hurts' final line: "The standard has been set. The only direction is to rise."

All around, great work from everyone. 

The Eagles open the season Sunday at 1 p.m. in Detroit against the Lions. Let's play some football.

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