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We finally know which jerseys Eagles will wear in Super Bowl


We finally know what jerseys the Eagles will wear in Super Bowl LVII.

Okay, it wasn't that long of a wait - but we wanted to know, dangit.

The Birds released photos of jersey preparation on the team website Tuesday afternoon showing Super Bowl LVII patches being stitched into midnight green jerseys, and photos of those jerseys being loaded up for transport to Arizona:

So there you have it: the Eagles are wearing midnight green up top, and the Chiefs will be wearing white.

Because the Eagles are the home team in the Super Bowl, this isn't a huge surprise. But it's still cool to have the confirmation so we can all start buying official Super Bowl-patched jerseys and planning Super Bowl Sunday outfits accordingly.

The Eagles have only ever worn green jerseys in their four Super Bowl appearances. The Birds wore midnight green in Super Bowl LII when they beat the Patriots, 41-33. They also wore midnight green in Super Bowl XXXIX when they lost to the Patriots, 24-21. And while it was a different shade of green, they wore green in Super Bowl XV when they lost to the Raiders, 27-10.

It remains to be seen what pants the Eagles will wear, but it feels like a safe bet they'll be wearing white pants. It's the classic Philadelphia Eagles look, and it's the pairing they wore most often this season. They haven't worn a different pants color with green jerseys this season.

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Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer Josh Tolentino did very important jersey analytics legwork earlier Tuesday to find out the Eagles' record this season based on jersey combo:

An .800 winning percentage in this outfit is pretty solid.

Also, we're writing 400ish words on jersey combinations. The Super Bowl is a week and a half away. This is gonna be a long wait.

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