What is Jalen Hurts' fantasy football ceiling in 2021?


If the Eagles do indeed trade Carson Wentz, then it appears that Jalen Hurts will be the organization’s starting quarterback for the 2021 season.

During his rookie campaign we saw some good and some bad from Hurts, but overall he did enough good things to make him an intriguing player going into Year 2. Earlier this week, Reuben Frank took a look at the potential jump that we might see from Hurts going from Year 1 to 2, but let’s take a closer look at his fantasy football potential.

Because of Hurts’ dual threat ability, his ceiling is really high in fantasy.

In fact, one of the biggest voices in the fantasy football world is extremely bullish on Hurts:

OK, maybe it’s a bit much to expect Hurts to turn into Lamar Jackson in Year 2. After all, Jackson was the league MVP in his second NFL season.

But it’s easier to agree with Berry that Hurts clearly has some major fantasy football potential. That graphic included the Week 17 game but Hurts didn’t play most of that second half, so let’s toss that out.

That gives us three games in which Hurts started and finished: Week 14-16.

Here’s a look at his fantasy football points and rank among QBs (using ESPN’s standard scoring) for those weeks:

Week 14: 19.28 (10th)

Week 15: 37.82 (1st)

Week 16: 18.58 (16th)

In those three games, Hurts averaged 25.23 points per week. While that number obviously came in a small sample size, the only full-time starter who averaged more than that was Dak Prescott (27.1). The only other guy who hit 25.0 was Patrick Mahomes.

And Hurts really showed his potential in Week 15. His point total of 37.82 was the sixth-highest single game total of any quarterback during the 2020 season. Against the Cardinals, Hurts threw for 338 yards with 3 touchdowns and also rushed for 33 yards and another score.

Maybe defenses will catch up to Hurts with film out. But Hurts will also have a full offseason this year and will most likely be able to prepare as a starter.

While Berry believes Hurts will be a top 10 fantasy QB next season if he’s the Eagles’ starter, Hurts ranked lower than that on FantasyPros.com, which creates a consensus among 20 experts. Hurts averages out as the No. 16 QB. His highest ranking is 8 and his lowest is 31. Of course, if Wentz is traded and the Eagles get through the draft without drafting a QB, it’ll be more obvious that Hurts is the guy.

And then head coach Nick Sirianni will get to build an offense around him. If the line stays healthy and Hurts gets another weapon or two, there’s definitely potential.

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