Why Sirianni believes Hurts had his best practice ever


Nick Sirianni has been around Jalen Hurts for a year and a half now and he’s seen him at more than 100 practices.

And he’s never seen him practice like he did on Wednesday.

Sirianni raved about Hurts Thursday morning before practice at the Dolphins’ facility in Miami Gardens, Fla.

“I thought Jalen was outstanding in yesterday’s practice,” Sirianni said. “I mean, to me, Jalen’s practice yesterday was the best practice he’s had as an Eagle. Since I’ve been here, at least. I can’t speak for the year before I got here. 

“What he was doing with the football and being able to go through reads and progressions that fast and getting the ball to where it needed to go I thought was unbelievable.”

The Eagles’ offense practiced on Wednesday against a Dolphins defense that was ranked 5hlast year in opposing completion percentage (61 percent), 6th in touchdown passes allowed (23) and 7th in opposing passer rating (85.4). So this is a legit pass defense.

And Sirianni really liked what he saw from Hurts.

“There was a play on third down where we were running some sort of slant to A.J. (Brown),” he said. “They took it away by coverage, it was 3rd-and-5, and then he checks it down quickly to the tight end, to Jack Stroll.

“He did the same thing on another slant to A.J. when he went up top to DeVonta (Smith). I’m not sure in all the times I’ve ever been a part of that play I’ve ever seen the ball go there, and Jalen found it and figured out how to get it there.”

Thursday’s joint practice was canceled because of some sort of stomach virus that was working its way through the Dolphins’ roster, and the Eagles were practicing on their own in Miami Thursday.

But Wednesday was a very good day for the passing offense and for Hurts, Sirianni told reporters in Miami Gardens before practice Thursday.

“It seemed like everything slowed down for him and he was getting the ball out on time, and I thought he was at the top of his game yesterday and that’s a great development for us,” he said.

“I didn’t think we ran it as efficiently as (we want to), but I thought we were sharp on offense as far as what we were doing. From our numbers, we were 85 percent completion percentage passing, which is pretty damn good.

“That defense, I’ve got a lot of respect for those defensive coaches for Miami. They cause a lot of things we need to sort through and talk through as a staff. They’re really well coached on defense, for sure. The whole team is well coached. We need to see different styles of defense like that.”

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