Philly sports arts, crafts, and activities for your stir-crazy home


With social distancing precautions in place around the country amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are working from, or just generally spending time in, their homes.

And with nearly every professional sports league in the world on pause, Philly sports fans suddenly have huge gaps in our days.

Combining cabin fever with sports withdrawal is not ideal, so we went in search of some hands-on activities to keep you - and perhaps a young sports fan who lives in your house - entertained.

The Flyers are getting in on the fun:

So, if your house has any sports fans who also happen to be budding artists, here's a series of videos with guides to drawing the logos of the city's four major sports franchises.

How to draw the Phillies logo: 

How to draw the Eagles logo:

How to draw the Flyers logo:

How to draw the 76ers logo:

You can also branch out a bit and do a little Philly history sketching with this Liberty Bell tutorial, and if you're inspired maybe turn it into a Phillies-themed or Sixers-themed bell:

When you're done, make sure to yell "Ring the bell!" as loud as possible.

If drawing isn't your thing, here's a tutorial for how to make a basketball hoop out of paper:

Or, if NFL free agency news has you amped for Eagles season, here's a quick explainer on the classic paper football:

And if you have Eagles fever, but the paper-and-pencil or paper-and-scissors stuff isn't your thing, here's how to play the Eagles' fight song on guitar.

To be fair, that looks a little difficult, but if you can master this you'll probably be the talk of every tailgate next season.

What if you're missing good ol' Gritty? Here's a way to bring his hilarious orange likeness into your house while we wait for hockey to return:

Don't scare anyone, though. Only use your newfound Gritty powers for good.

And stay positive out there, sports fans. You can always create your own sports-themed fun with a little imagination.

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