Philly sports legends and their Game of Thrones counterparts


Winter is coming…

Not really. It’s the dead of summer and that means a slow news cycle. So, here are some Philly sports legends, idols and some less than memorable athletes reimagined as their Game of Thrones character counterparts. With the season finale of season six wrapping up next week, why not?

Ned Stark – Chris Pronger

A fan favorite gone too soon. Both Stark and Pronger came to their respective cities as the right-hand man of the king — or captain in Pronger’s case — but had their time cut short. Lucky for Pronger, he was able to keep his head. Pronger did have a few close calls regarding his upper body, though. After suffering multiple concussions during his brief tenure with the orange and black, Pronger’s career unceremoniously came to an end because of concussion-related symptoms. 

The Mad King – Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly’s maneuvering for complete control over the roster a little over a year and a half ago was very Game of Thrones-esque. So was his downfall, too. The Mad King went crazy, believing everyone was his enemy, killed those loyal to him and nearly burned down the city before being killed. Kelly’s final year in Philadelphia follows the same script. After gaining power, Kelly turned on Howie Roseman, cut and traded away key players and eventually had to be let go before Eagles fans burned down Philadelphia. 

Daenerys Targaryen – Dario Saric

Almost identical, really, if you look past the long blonde hair, dragons, legions of soldiers and basketball IQ. What the two do have in common is their potential to come from overseas and save their respective lands from the dark ages. Whether that’s liberating Westeros for Khaleesi, or simply winning a few extra games for the Sixers, the potential is there. Will Saric turn the Sixers around? A few dragons could help.

Jorah Mormont – Ryan Howard

Once a great warrior (or crusher of baseballs), both Ser Jorah and Ser Howard are past their primes and coasting into the sunset. Jorah, once a Westerosi knight, is slowly dying of greyscale, and Howard’s career is slowly dying after injuries of his own have taken away his bat speed.  

Tyrion Lannister – Brent Celek

One may be a dwarf and the other a huge football player, but the two are always underappreciated. Tyrion saved King’s Landing from Stannis and proved to be a more than capable leader, while Celek is always there when you need him to perform. Celek has been a member of the Eagles for 10 years now and has been as reliable as they come during his tenure. Neither is the top choice, but when called upon, they will get the job done. 

Night’s King – Joel Embiid

We’ve been hearing about Embiid for two seasons now, but will he ever factor into the big picture? We may finally have an answer soon. The same goes for the Night’s King, the leader of the white walkers. Ever since the first scene of the first episode, we have heard how the white walkers pose the biggest threat to Westeros. Fast forward six seasons, and they still haven’t done anything … at least not yet. 

Servant of the Many-Faced God/ No One

The 2015-16 Sixers take this spot. Why? Because they were a bunch of nobodies. 

Joffrey Lannister – Sidney Crosby

Well, duh. 

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