When will public finally forgive Vick?


Michael Vick was recently named by Forbes as the most hated athlete in America (see post). How much longer will sports fans hold his past transgressions against him? When is enough, enough?

The man paid his debt to society. Vick lost two years in the NFL, plus millions of dollars in salary and endorsements. He has been a model citizen since being released from federal prison in May of 2009. He has been a national spokesman against dogfighting. He has done everything asked of him and is still paying creditors millions of dollars.

Is this not a nation of second chances? Can we really consume ourselves with holding grudges an entire lifetime? As the owner of two dogs, in no way, shape or form do I condone what he did. But also in no way, shape or form can I allow myself to pass judgement on anyone forever.

If we truly lived by the biblical principle of Let him who is without sin cast the first stone I wonder how many of those who voted against him could look themselves in the mirror and still cast that same vote again.

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