Bryzgalov hasn't studied Ovechkin


The general consensus around the National Hockey League is that among the Russian players, its a tight-knit community.

All the Russians are tight as friends, said Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov.

That said, not all know each other as well as youd imagine.

What does Bryzgalov know about the Caps Alex Ovechkin?
A long pause.

Hes Russian, Bryzgalov replied with the straight face amid laughter. He wears No. 8. He signed a contract with Gillette.

The Bryz said he hasnt studied Ovie much as a shooter, which is different.

Most goalies have books on the top players in the league. Where they like to shoot from on the ice. What kind of moves they make one-on-one. What to expect from them in a shootout, etc.

I never studied him, Bryzgalov said. I never had much experience to play against him. Only, I guess, two games. This whole Eastern conference is new to me.

Which means, as a shooter, Ovie should have the advantage in Thursday nights game against the Flyers.

Why? Bryzgalov asked.

No book on him.

I dont think so because he doesnt know anything about me, Bryzgalov said.

He knows youre big. And a Russian.

And I play for Philly, right? Bryzgalov said laughing.

He did say he is friends with Ovie off the ice. They once had a barbecue together.

Not hamburgers, but sometimes, ahh, borscht, and kabobs, he said.
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