Katie Emmer: This Flyers team is still exciting, present tense


During this time of self-quarantine, we’re checking in with those in the Philly sports world to see How They’re Keeping Busy. Next up, NBC Sports Philadelphia's Flyers Pre/Postgame host, Katie Emmer.

The Flyers were one of the hottest teams in the league before the stoppage. How have you dealt with such an unexpected change from covering them on a nightly basis as they were headed for an exciting postseason run to what we’re dealing with now?

Katie Emmer: It's so true that word "excitment" — everything was really exciting and I'm going to say everything still is exciting about this team. There are high hopes that we're going to continue this season at some point. In the mean time, still covering the Flyers on a daily basis but obviously going to the rink regularly isn't in the cards right now. It seems like there's news to cover every day about how the season will pan out. Taryn Hatcher has done quite a few video conference interviews with players and we've been using some of those on our Flyers Talk podcast with Jordan Hall. We chatted with Joel Farabee the other day. Just trying to get creative in this new reality.

We’re all obviously working remotely. If you had to pick two NBC Sports Philly coworkers to quarantine with, who would you pick and why?

Katie: Great question. It's so hard to narrow it down to just two people. I'd loved to be stuck in the office with everyone. I don't think that's how it works. If I had to pick two: Derrick Gunn and Al Morganti. You're always set with super good food with Derrick. He's a great cook. And Al just has absolutely great taste in music. He plays guitar. He's an entertainer and always has great jokes. Those two would be great.

I think I'd go Jordan [Hall] because he always has pretzels and he's pretty quiet, wouldn't annoy me too much.

Katie: Jordan is not quiet around us on the podcast. Lucky for us we see a different side of him. He'd be another great one. Taryn, the whole bunch would be good choices.

How are you getting your Philly sports fill? Watching old games?

Katie: For the most part, it's been watching the rebroadcast games we've been airing. Other than that, I've watched Miracle. Good sports movies. 

Is there specific content you’d recommend to others? Anything you’re binge-watching or reading?

Katie: I've been trying to look at this as a good break from games and trying to focus on other things, like history and reading. I've been into Tuesdays with Morrie which is a short read, classic book. A good read if you need a light-hearted story. Then at the other end of the spectrum, Tiger King. It's just such an interesting watch. Everybody is talking about it for good reason. I've been trying to get all my friends and family to watch.

Any tip(s) for everyone stuck at home who may be stressed? Stuff you’re doing to keep busy?

Katie: Get outside. Try and get some physical activity any way you can. Go on a walk, whatever. We can't control a lot of things, so try and do some things that you can control.

Is there a local business or charity you’re supporting during these tough times?

Katie: I've been in the restaurant industry so I've been trying to support my local restaurants as much as possible. Doing the curbside pickup thing and staying safe while supporting small businesses. I like to think that every little bit helps.


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