Here are the 10 goalies with the most wins in NHL history


Martin Brodeur’s grip on the NHL record books is in a comfortable spot seven years following his retirement.

The New Jersey Devils legend played 22 seasons before hanging up his skates in 2015. Looking through the NHL leaderboards, it could be a while before any goalie begins nearing his career accomplishments. 

Marc-Andre Fleury, however, is on his way as he just joined the elusive 500-win club. The goalie reached the mark in December 2021 with the Chicago Blackhawks against his childhood team, the Montreal Canadiens. It is just another line on the long resume for Fleury, the 2020-21 Vezina Trophy winner who also has three Stanley Cup titles.

Fleury is just the third NHL goalie to eclipse 500 victories. Next up is Patrick Roy with an astounding 551 wins, but even he isn’t in the ballpark of Brodeur’s 691.

Let’s take a look at how Fleury and other all-time goalies stack up against Brodeur:

Which goalie has the most wins in NHL history?

Fleury is far and away the NHL wins leader among active goalies with 520. Carey Price (361) and Jonathan Quick (359) are next on that list.

In a historic context, Fleury surpassed a pair of accomplished goalies on the all-time wins list during his Vezina-winning 2020-21 season with the Vegas Golden Knights. Following win No. 500, Roy’s 551 will be the next major benchmark for Fleury.

Here are the top 10 winningest NHL goalies entering this season’s action:

  1. Martin Brodeur, 691
  2. Patrick Roy, 551
  3. Marc-Andre Fleury, 520
  4. Roberto Luongo, 489
  5. Ed Belfour, 484
  6. Henrik Lundqvist, 459
  7. Curtis Joseph, 454
  8. Terry Sawchuk, 445
  9. Jacques Plante, 437
  10. Tony Esposito, 423

Which goalie has played the most games in NHL history?

Just like the wins list, the gap between Brodeur and the No. 2 netminder on the games played list is wide. Brodeur played 222 more games in net than anyone else in NHL history. The earliest the 37-year-old Fleury could tie Brodeur’s mark would be the 63rd game of the 2025-26 season.

Here’s the top 10 for NHL goalie games played:

  1. Martin Brodeur, 1,266
  2. Roberto Luongo, 1,044
  3. Patrick Roy, 1,029
  4. Terry Sawchuk, 971
  5. Ed Belfour, 963
  6. Curtis Joseph, 943
  7. Marc-Andre Fleury, 939
  8. Glenn Hall, 906
  9. Henrik Lundqvist, 887
  10. Tony Esposito, 886

Which goalie has played the most minutes in NHL history?

If the games played list didn’t properly put into perspective how long these players crouched in net, here are the 10 NHL goalies who played the most minutes:

  1. Martin Brodeur, 74,439
  2. Patrick Roy, 60,214
  3. Roberto Luongo, 59,878
  4. Terry Sawchuk, 57,156
  5. Ed Belfour, 55,696
  6. Marc-Andre Fleury, 54,391
  7. Curtis Joseph, 54,054
  8. Glenn Hall, 53,447
  9. Tony Esposito, 52,476
  10. Henrik Lundqvist, 51,817


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