Pronger's wife: Chris' status ‘very disheartening'


Every day at home in South Jersey, its a constant struggle for Lauren Pronger and her husband Chris, and their family.

We have a lot of help, she said. And we need it.

Lauren Pronger, who is co-chairman of the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives Carnival, said Sunday that there has not been any substantial change, either positive or negative, to Chris post-concussion syndrome since she last spoke in January.

She also admitted that, for the first time, her family is considering reaching out to Keith Primeau who has been suffering from post-concussion syndrome for six years, because her and Chris want to know what life may be like if he never gets better.

That has been brought up a lot lately, she said. There are a lot of parallels between the two men. I think Chris is starting to realize now that he should be in communication with him.

To know what is ahead for him. The more insight you can get, the better off you are. You kinda know what to expect and what you are going through.

Obviously, there will be differences but if you have someone who has been through it, maybe that is a little comforting.

I think this is very, very frightening for Chris. Hes been able to battle through so much and come out of it, but this is different for him. This is really tough on Chris. He wants to be out here more than anyone. This is his life, this is his passion. And this is tough.

Lauren said he continues to have good and bad days.

Unfortunately, I cant report any major improvement, she said. I certainly wish I could. Its very disheartening.

Chris Pronger has gone through bouts of depression during his absence from the team which began in late November. He wont play this season and his career could very likely be over.

I see a lot of differences in Chris, she said. Just hoping to have a couple good days in a row and see him back to his normal self again. I know he wants this, too. Its very frightening to him, too.

She declined to get specific about what differences she has seen in Chris other than, to say, He is not himself and its not in a good way.

Lauren got emotional speaking to reporters.

I just want him to get better, she said. He still has a long life to live, three kids and a wife and everything. Right now, were just hoping for his health to come back. That is our priority.

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