Andrés Cantor Shares Secrets Behind World Cup ‘Goal' Calls


Andrés Cantor shares secrets behind World Cup ‘Goal’ calls originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago


That is a sound every soccer fan looks forward to hearing when watching their favorite teams battle it out, and there’s not a broadcaster that does it better than Andrés Cantor.

Cantor’s beloved trademark has been heard in American soccer since the 1990s. The famous “Goal” call was first introduced to U.S. audiences during the three World Cups of the ’90s. Now, the famous Argentine-American announcer will be the main voice of Telemundo in the 2022 Qatar World Cup decades later. 

This November will mark Cantor’s 22nd year with NBC’s Spanish-language partner, Telemundo Deportes, as the lead commentator.

The “Goal” call also became a staple among fans because of how long Cantor can hold it. Now, fans have a chance to learn exactly how to replicate the long goal call like Cantor. Watch above as the legendary broadcaster shares a few of his secrets with our team of sports broadcasters as they gave the famous call a go.

While Cantor may not have been the first announcer to call “Goal” when one is scored during a game, he does take pride in the emphasis that he adds to the call – and he has surely perfected it.

“The origin is pretty basic throughout Latin America,” Cantor explained. “Every play-by-play announcer, at least, called the goal long or shorter but with the same emphasis … it’s part of the passionate style. It’s not like anybody copied anybody. I think we all have the same feel for the game, the same passion, the same love, and we all call it pretty much the same way.”

Cantor has appeared on television programs, talk shows and even starred in a few Super Bowl commercials.

Now, with the FIFA World Cup just days away, we may be looking to add a few more famous Cantor calls to the list.  

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