Emiliano Martinez Holds Baby Doll With Kylian Mbappe's Face in Argentina's World Cup Parade


Emiliano Martinez is not done trolling Kylian Mbappe and France just yet.

During Argentina’s World Cup parade in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, Martinez was seen holding a baby doll that had a cut-out picture of Mbappe’s face.

It wasn’t the first time Martinez had trolled Mbappe following Argentina’s triumph over France in the final.

In the Argentine dressing room after the game, Martinez led a “minute of silence” of Mbappe, which likely stemmed from comments the Frenchman said back in May.

Mbappe, speaking on the difference between European and South American football, said that European nations are usually the favorites in tournaments because the nations are used to playing high-level matches against one another, whereas teams like Argentina and Brazil don’t because “the football is not as developed” in the continent, which is “why the most recent World Cup winners have been Europeans.”

The remarks definitely backfired on Mbappe considering the loss, even though he scored a hat trick and made his penalty in the decisive shootout against Martinez and Co.

The two did embrace after the game when Martinez went to console a sitting-down Mbappe and lifted him up shortly after the final whistle sounded, but that hasn’t stopped the Aston Villa goalie from clapping back.

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