Lionel Messi Sets Instagram Record With World Cup Victory Post


The whole world watched Lionel Messi reach the mountaintop, and the social media numbers show how much support he received on that journey from around the globe.

Messi earned his first World Cup title with Argentina on Sunday in an unforgettable final against France. The 35-year-old scored two goals and converted his country’s first attempt in the penalty shootout to help secure the victory.

The historic performance on the pitch led to historic numbers on social media. Messi shared a celebratory message alongside 10 photos hours after the confetti settled at Lusail Stadium in Qatar, and it became the most-liked Instagram post from a sportsperson in history.

Messi’s post has over 48.8 million likes as of 3 p.m. ET on Monday.

The Argentinian star was also involved in the previous record for likes on an Instagram post from a sportsperson. Cristiano Ronaldo held the mark to be with 42 million likes on a post prior to the start of the World Cup that featured him and Messi playing chess on a Louis Vuitton bag. Messi’s post of the same ad has 32 million likes on IG.

Along with the likes on the individual post, Messi earned another Instagram milestone by surpassing 400 million followers.

While Messi is still over 100 million followers behind Ronaldo on Instagram, he now holds a 1-0 edge in World Cup trophies.

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