Watch Party Locator By State for USMNT's Next Match


It’s a party in the USA!

Fans across the country erupted in celebration as USMNT defeated Iran in its last group game to send the Stars and Stripes to the Round of 16.

As the United States gets ready to take on the Netherlands to book a spot in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup, you better start making arrangements for where you will be catching the intense action.

Here’s everything you need to know to find a USMNT watch party in your state:

Where is there a USMNT watch party?

The majority of America will be tuning into the USMNT-Netherlands World Cup knockout game on Saturday.

Using the USMNT’s Watch Party Finder, you can find the location nearest to you.

Which states have the most USMNT watch parties today?

The great news is that most states have at least one watch party for fans to attend.

States in the northeast, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland, have the most watch parties.

For fans in Florida, there are also a solid amount of watch parties going on.

What are the biggest cities with watch parties today?

Some of the biggest, most popular cities with watch parties Tuesday include Nashville, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

Alternative watch options

If you can’t attend a watch party, no need to fret! There are plenty of other ways you can tune into the action.

The USMNT-Netherlands game will be available on FOX in English and Telemundo. will stream the match in English and Peacock will stream the match in Spanish.

The coverage can also be watched on YouTube TV and Hulu.

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