What is the Greatest Individual Team in World Cup History?


It’s time for 32 nations from around the world to strut their stuff in the FIFA World Cup.

The quadrennial competition is almost underway and we are about to see some of the world’s greatest players and teams compete for the Jules Rimet Trophy. 

Since the inaugural World Cup, which took place in Uruguay in 1930, the best players from across the globe proved themselves and made history books with their skills and prowess – some more than others. World Cup competition is always the fiercest and we will be seeing that very soon.

But before we get into the madness, let’s take a look back at some of the greatest teams to ever compete at the legendary tournament:

What is the greatest individual team in World Cup history?

The Brazil team of 1970 is considered to be the greatest individual team in World Cup history. Not only did the club win the Jules Rimet Trophy, but they also inspired a generation to come.

Brazil has participated in every World Cup since the inaugural tournament, which is more than any other country. During this ninth edition of the competition, Brazil had an unstoppable offense with Pelé front and center. 

The team played Italy in the final and Pelé scored the opening goal with a header. Pelé went on to assist Jairzinho’s and Carlos Alberto’s goals, contributing to their 4-1 victory and third World Cup title.

How many goals did Brazil score in the 1970 World Cup?

Seleção Canarinho scored a total of 19 goals throughout the 1970 World Cup, with four in the final against Italy.

Who was on the 1970 Brazil roster?

Here is Brazil’s roster who participated in the 1970 World Cup:

  • Felix – Goalkeeper
  • Brito – Defender
  • Wilson Piazza – Defender
  • Carlos Alberto – Defender
  • Clodoaldo – Midfield
  • Marco Antonio – Defender
  • Jairzinho – Forward
  • Gerson – Midfield
  • Tostao – Midfield
  • Pelé – Forward
  • Rivellino – Midfield
  • Ado – Goalkeeper
  • Roberto – Forward
  • Baldochi – Defender
  • Fontana – Defender
  • Everaldo – Defender
  • Joel Camargo – Defender
  • Paulo Cesar – Midfield
  • Edu – Forward
  • Dario – Forward
  • Ze Maria – Defender
  • Leao – Goalkeeper

How many World Cup appearances has Brazil had?

Brazil has a whopping 21 World Cup appearances since the tournament’s inaugural year in 1930. Since they qualified for this year’s World Cup, that will make 22 appearances total.

This is the most World Cup appearances of any nation.

How many World Cup titles has Brazil won?

Brazil has won five World Cup titles throughout the years. Here are those occasions:

1. 1958 – Brazil defeated Sweden 5-2 in the final 

2. 1962 – Brazil defeated Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final 

3. 1970 – Brazil defeated Italy 4-1 in the final 

4. 1994 – Brazil defeated Italy 3-2 in the final

5. 2002 – Brazil defeated Germany 2-0 in the final

What are some other great teams in World Cup history?

Here are some of the greatest teams in World Cup history:

1. Brazil, 1970

2. West Germany, 1974

3. Spain, 2010

4. Brazil, 1958

5. Brazil, 1962

6. Brazil, 1982

7. Hungary, 1954

8. Netherlands, 1978

9. Brazil, 2002

10. Netherlands, 1974

11. Italy, 1938

12. West Germany, 1990

13. France, 1998

14. Uruguay, 1930

15. Italy, 1982

16. Uruguay, 1950

17. Argentina, 1986

18. West Germany, 1954

19. England, 1966

20. France, 1986

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