Here's why Serena Williams wears black tape on her face for competitions


Everyone’s wondering the same thing when it comes to Serena Williams’ choice of facial accessory at Wimbledon this year.

The 23-time Grand Slam title winning tennis star has been strutting black tape on her cheeks and here’s why:

According to The Times, the small sections of medical tape on her face are proposed to relieve the eight-time Wimbledon singles champion’s sinus problems. She started wearing the tape when she reached the doubles semifinals at Eastbourne, where unfortunately her teammate Ons Jabeur’s injury kept the pair from finishing. 

“My secret’s out,” said the 40-year-old athlete in an interview with Reuters. “I’m a sinus sufferer. Playing tennis or pretty much doing anything everyday is not easy when you have sinuses.

“You feel a lot of pressure, congestion and pain and training for grand slams such as … Wimbledon and the French Open, it’s not easy,” she added.

To keep the nasal passageways clear and the tennis techniques solid, Williams takes hot showers and uses natural saline spray several times a day.

Clearly the method works for the most successful woman in tennis in the 21st century. After being away from competition for a leg injury, Williams is back, hoping to clinch her 24th career Grand Slam title at Wimbledon. 

Williams went on to lose her first-round match against France’s Harmony Tan on Tuesday.

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