Bryce Harper bows to Phillies fans, even without them in stands


It became customary last season for Bryce Harper to bow to Phillies fans in right field after trotting out to his position.

Those stands were empty tonight and will be all season, but Harper still made a point to bow to the fans from far away. After running out to his position in the top of the first inning Friday night, he found the camera in right field and paid his respect to the Phillies' fanbase.

Harper is a showman and he feeds off the crowd. Every player does but it's especially the case with Harper, who understands the importance of energy and enjoys bringing it. He plays with intensity and will bust it out of the box for a hustle double whether it's an exhibition game, an intrasquad game or a game that counts.

That self-created energy is going to be crucial this season without fans in the stands to pump up the team. From that standpoint, it's better for the Phillies to have a superstar like Harper than a superstar who goes about his business quietly. That personality difference actually matters in 2020.

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