Brad Miller is a ‘Goldy Glover' for the Phillies at first base


The St. Louis Cardinals don't arrive in Philadelphia until next week, but a piece of them was on the field for the Phillies on Tuesday night.

Brad Miller, the Phillies' top utilityman, got the start at first base as manager Joe Girardi sprinkled a few extra left-handed bats into the lineup against New York Mets right-hander Marcus Stroman.

Miller took the field wearing a first baseman's mitt that was given to him last year by Cardinals' first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, a three-time Gold Glove winner and six-time All-Star.

Goldschmidt gave Miller the glove last season when the two were teammates in St. Louis.

"He saw mine last year and said it was trash," Miller said, good-naturedly. "He was like, 'This is not going to work.' That was my only one, so he gave me one."

The glove immediately became Miller's gamer when he played first base. He has two other gamers, one that he uses when he plays infield positions other than first base and one that he uses in the outfield.

"I have a Goldy first baseman's mitt, not a bad one at all," he said. "It was already broken in for me so maybe he'd had it for a little bit. It's a beautiful glove. He's just so plain, so it's just a plain, generic glove."

Miller spiced up his glove rotation earlier this week when a new infielder's glove arrived. It's all-red. Very flashy.

"I said, 'You know what, I'm going for it," he said.

The new glove is not quite game-ready, but that didn't stop Miller from having it in the dugout during Monday's game.

"I couldn't take it off," he said. "Everybody was making fun of me."

Miller did take the glove off in the eighth inning when he was called on to pinch-hit for the fourth time in as many games. He stroked an important single to help the Phillies rally for five runs in the inning on their way to a 5-3 win over the Mets.

The Phillies signed the 31-year-old Miller, a veteran of eight big-league seasons, to a one-year, $3 million contract in the offseason. He'll get time all over the diamond and as a pinch-hitter as the season unfolds.

"I kind of show up ready to roll every day," he said. "I know my role is fluid. 

"Monday night, depending on the situation, I was ready to go in at first, third and left.

"I want to play every game, regardless if that's starting or coming off the bench. I really enjoy the National League game. When you're on the bench, there's a lot more thinking involved."

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