Could the Phillies somehow end up with both J.T. Realmuto and Didi Gregorius?


It's January 12.

Spring training camps open in five weeks.

J.T. Realmuto is still a free agent.

So is Didi Gregorius.

Is there a chance the Phillies could end up with both players?

At the start of the offseason, there was pessimism that the Phils would re-sign either one of these guys. Like all teams, the Phils sustained revenue losses because of the pandemic in 2020 and that was going to impact how they did business on the free-agent market.

But, as we said, it's now mid-January. The markets for a number of quality free agents, including Realmuto and Gregorius, have not developed the way they had hoped back in November. Realmuto saw a potential landing spot dry up when the Mets signed James McCann to be their catcher. Gregorius remains a free agent in a market that still includes Marcus Semien and Andrelton Simmons — and the shortstop market will be even more crowded next winter.

The Phillies continue to be engaged with both Realmuto and Gregorius. Though spring training is getting closer, there are still miles to go in the offseason. It might be a while before Realmuto and Gregorius find homes. But how things change. Early in the offseason, there was pessimism that the Phils would sign either of these guys. Now, we wonder if there's a way they could end with both.

This was just one of the topics we discussed on the most recent episode of the Phillies Talk podcast.

We also hit on:

  • 0:30 — The Mets adding a Showtime talent in Francisco Lindor, not to mention a very competent starting pitcher with Phillies roots.
  • 10:19 — The Phillies' continued need for pitching depth in the starting rotation.
  • 12:23 — How both of the Phillies' recent additions to the bullpen come with fine print.
  • 8:41 — How it's World Series or bust for the Chicago White Sox and the San Diego Padres.
  • 21:15 — And will the season start on time or are we looking at another delay caused by the pandemic?

Give it a listen.

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