Kyle Schwarber's custom Home Run Derby kicks are a masterpiece


Aside from his insane home run displays, there isn’t a whole lot about Kyle Schwarber that really pops.

He seems like a team-first, head-down, lunchpail kind of player that Philadelphia sports fans would love just as much if he didn’t happen to hit home runs in bunches.

At least one part about Schwarber is going to stand out tonight at the Home Run Derby: his cleats.

Wow. If a pair of cleats could be equal parts Philadelphia and L.A., it’s these. From the neon to the Phanatic on both shoes to the silhouettes of the Philly skyline and Dodger Stadium on the heels, they’re an absolute masterpiece. I truly believe these would see like hotcakes in these parts if they were mass-produced.

The custom work was done by a company called Stadium Custom Kicks. They operate out of New York City and typically take about 3-to-5 weeks to turn around a custom design.

The company’s work will definitely get some national exposure tonight, and deservedly so.

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