Watch Harper make Phillies fan's day with in-game hat swap


The Phillies played the Padres on Thursday afternoon for a glorious little May afternoon getaway game. The sun was out, the wind was blowing gently to the West, and Bryce Harper was throwing a signed hat into the stands.

Wait, what?

Harper, who's been out for a few games now following a procedure for his injured right elbow, was milling about the Phils' dugout during Thursday's game when a fan must've caught his attention, or perhaps Harper initiated the interaction. All we know is, by the time NBC Sports Philadelphia's cameras were trained on Harper and the fan, there was a hat exchange in progress.

Harper signed his own maroon Phillies hat, lobbed it (perfectly) to the fan, and the fan threw his own hat back:

Jeez, can you imagine going to a random mid-May Phillies game with some nice seats and leaving with a signed Harper hat that he himself threw to you? Unreal.

And the fan, Gavin McHugh, took to Twitter to show off the hard-earned cap:

It's so cool to have a guy like Harper on the Phillies, someone who just gets this fanbase and is always going the extra mile to make fans' experiences that much better.

From my eye it looks like the fan's hat was this New Era lid:

If so, I get it. That hat rules. Good eye, Bryce.

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