The inside story of Chase Utley's famous 2008 Phillies World Series parade speech


These are stories and quotes from the Phillies' 2008 Zoom reunion over the weekend.

This one is about Chase Utley's famous speech at the 2008 World Series parade and includes a story Pat Burrell has been waiting for years to share.

Utley, of course, took the mic at the parade (which you can watch at 4 p.m. Sunday on NBC Sports Philadelphia) and said: 

World Champions (dramatic pause) ... World (Bleeping) Champions.

It'll live forever on YouTube.

Many people felt his emotion, couldn't believe he said it, and absolutely loved it. The crowd erupted, the reactions from Phillies players and fans were priceless. It really was a legendary moment. Some parents felt it was inappropriate, and it's understandable that some with young kids watching live were ticked off. Can't please everybody.

"Right, great question Brad, appreciate it," Utley joked when Brad Lidge, who hosted the Zoom call, asked about the speech.

"The sea of red was something you'll never see again. We couldn't even anticipate what it was going to be like. Very emotional, exciting time. Then throw us on stage with a packed house. I don't remember at the time if we knew we were gonna say something. I expressed my emotion, said what was on my mind, got a little grief from it, but overall it was what I felt."

Lidge: "Every kid's gonna hear it every once in a while, so better out of your mouth than someone they don't know I guess." (laughs)

Burrell: "Hold on a sec, this has been killing me for years. We were sitting up on that stage and I don't remember if Chase remembers asking me this. But he asks me, 'Do you think this is live?' And I said, 'If anything's gonna be live, it's gonna be this. And he's like, 'OK, just making sure because I'm thinking of saying something.' 

"And I go, 'First of all, you could pretty much say whatever you want whenever you want at this point. This is the only time we can do this. So whatever you wanna do, just go for it.' 

"Those people went berserk when you said that. That was what it was all about. I'm sure some of the parents with young kids didn't appreciate it. But if you grow up one day and you get to win a World Series, you can say whatever you want, too."

Howard: "I thought it was the best thing ever. J-Dub (Werth) had this Incredible Hulk fist bottle holder. And as soon as Chase said it, J-Dub pops up, hands in the air like, 'Yes!' The whole place erupts. You've earned the right to say whatever the hell it is you want and express yourself however you want in that moment. We worked hard for that moment."

Werth: "That Hulk fist came out of the second deck when we were driving out onto the field. I somehow caught it. Whoever threw it, great throw."

More fun parade stories here from Phillies players.

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