Barkley on Jordan: ‘He can't play'


Sixers fans saw the Game 1 loss to the Heat, and one of the biggest takeaways has been that center DeAndre Jordan was ineffective, to say the least, in his 17 minutes on the court. He provided just four points and two rebounds and was a minus-22, meaning that the Sixers outscored Miami by eight when he was off the court.

Perhaps the team would be better off if he didn’t play at all?

You’re not the only one that believes that.

Former Sixers great and Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was a guest on the Inside the Green Room Podcast with Danny Green, and the discussion turned to the Sixers-Heat series and what the Sixers need to do to steal Game 2 without Joel Embiid.

Barkley offered his advice on what changes the Sixers can make to turn Embiid’s absence into an advantage.

“The thing is, Miami’s not an overly big team," Barkley said. “They really only have one big guy. So I would turn it into a track meet, a shooting contest, I think that’s the only way the Sixers can win. They’re not going to get killed on the boards, because other than Bam Adebayo, they don’t have a bunch of big guys… I think that’s the only chance the Sixers got until Joel comes back.”

Then, unprovoked, Barkley turned his attention to Jordan.

“DeAndre needs to be sitting over there beside Doc Rivers and those guys. It’s over for DeAndre. He’s had a hell of a career, but he can’t play, especially in today’s NBA. In today’s NBA, if you can’t move, it’s very difficult for you. ... Big guys who can’t move can’t play in today’s NBA game, and that’s not fair for DeAndre to put himself out there.”

Barkley is never one to hide his true feelings and call it like he sees it. He’s been a part of the NBA for four decades. He’s seen the evolution of the game, and he knows what works and what doesn’t. 

Doc Rivers said after Game 1 that he’s going to continue to play Jordan “whether you like it or not.” It’s certainly more than just a few fans that don’t like it.

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