PCOM legend Joel Embiid thought Game 6 of NBA Finals was soft


Ahhhh, Joel Embiid.

He's never played a single minute of basketball in the NBA and yet his every move intrigues an entire city.

He took a break from tweeting about soccer last night to get in some thoughts on the big Game 6 of the NBA Finals between LeBron James and Steph Curry.

Embiid had some thoughts on LeBron's kind of badass taunt right in Steph's face and also thought the Warriors were playing sooooft ball.

I thought this was a pretty fantastic response troll:

Now, in Embiid's defense. If you have to had played in an NBA game to have opinions on the NBA Finals, Twitter would be out of business and Facebook would probably have to shutdown. I don't think people hate on Embiid as much as he leads us to believe, but it is fun to poke fun every now and then. Even at a 7-foot-3 (LOVABLE!) giant.

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