There's mounting evidence Sam Hinkie loves Mexican food


If you believed the infamous sign at the NBA Draft last week in Brooklyn, you'd think Sam Hinkie was dead.

The Hinkie chatter has had something of a resurrection since the Sixers selected Ben Simmons with the first overall pick. And today we get another piece of data to digest.

Jordan Brenner, writing for ESPN The Magazine, has a piece with actual quotes from the Hinkster himself, albeit from before he handed in his walking papers.

It paints a picture of Sam that Process Believers probably already knew. It's worth a read in full, but this line about the NBA being more involved with the Colangelo entrance(s) was just a kick in the shin:

By stepping in and facilitating the Jerry Colangelo move in Philadelphia, then, Silver sent a message: Gross incompetence is acceptable; strategic gaming of a flawed system is not.

Oh, and Hinkie is apparently a big fan of Mexican food. The quality stuff like legit Queso down in Texas but also the run of the food court Taco Bell as well.

THREE MONTHS BEFORE the draft, and three weeks before he ended the NBA's most controversial experiment in team-building through corporate hara-kiri, Sam Hinkie sat in the food court of a Providence mall and plowed his way through a chalupa. It was the opening day of the NCAA tournament, and spectators had rushed straight from watching Yale upend Baylor to seek something resembling nourishment. On the street below, St. Patrick's Day revelers crawled from one pub to the next, clad in all manner of green. And there, just beyond the growing line at Taco Bell, sat the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, inconspicuous as ever.


When the two broke for lunch on that Sunday, Hinkie and his wife deliberately took Morey to a nearby Mexican restaurant. "I knew he hadn't eaten enough Mexican food to live in Texas," Hinkie says. "I ordered queso so he could be introduced to it. And he loved it."

The Process: Fueled by Taco Bell. And flushed.

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