Top 100 Moments of the Sam Hinkie Era


Tonight, the Sam Hinkie era officially comes to a close. When the 76ers send in their pick to commissioner Adam Silver — no spoilers! — it will be the Colangelo family pulling the strings, for the franchise's first major decision in over three years to not be made under strict Process supervision. It's been a singular period in Sixers — nay, professional sports — history, one filled with more losing than a Susan Lucci award-show retrospective, but one infinitely times more memorable than so many franchises' mediocrity-mired periods of wheel-spinning, including our very own immediately proceeding Our Once and Always Dark Lord's brief reign. 

Before officially putting the final period on the Hink's chapter of Sixers history (and, dare to dream, the historic losing along with it) it's important to take one final look back on the last three years — from Hinkie's hiring four Mays ago to the end of his final season at the helm in Philly — and remember the times that were good. These are the performances, the plays, the victories, the trades, the picks, the tweets, and even the f**k-ups you couldn't help but laugh at that made the last three seasons of L's worth suffering through. #HinkLife, now and forever. 

100. T.J. McConnell: Baby's First Dunk (watch)

99. MCW crosses over Ricky Rubio (watch)

98. Brett Brown + Robert Covington's accidental sideline hug (watch)

97. Thad erases Dion Waiters (watch)

96. Tony Wroten slams on MKG (watch)

95. Sixers Night at Barclays (watch)

94. K.J. McDaniels double-clutch dunk on Hawks (watch)

93. Tony Wroten over-the-head assist to JaKarr (watch)

92. Brandon Davies goes for 20 in a game (watch)

91. Jerami Grant on Jeff Withey (watch)

90. Tony Wroten's All-Star week

89. Beating the top-seeded Hawks in 2015 (watch)

88. Too many men on the ice (watch)

87. Dissed by Apu (watch)

86. Jahlil's 17-point first quarter against Portland (watch)

85. Draft Night 2015 (watch)

84. Embiid swishes a one-handed pregame three (watch)

83. Nerlens blocks KD (watch)

82. MCW beats the Celtics (watch)

81. Hollis Thompson soars for alley-oop slam (watch)

80. MLK Day OT loss to Knicks (watch)

79. MCW throws down on Giannis (watch)

78. Joel Embiid, Shirley Temple Enthusiast (watch)

77. Beating the LeBron Cavs in 2015 (watch)

76. Iverson Jersey Retirement (watch)

75. MCW first triple-double against Timberwolves (watch)

74. Stealing Thomas Robinson from the Nuggets (watch)

73. ET's career night against Knicks

72. Carl Landry: MVP (watch)

71. Jahlil debuts against Boston

70. Nerlens nine blocks on Indiana (watch)

69. Jahlil dekes the Warriors (watch)

68. The Royce White (& Furkan Aldemir!!) Trade (watch)

67. The Joel Anthony Trade That Wasn't (watch)

66. Okafor crumples backstage (watch)

65. Embiid recruits LeBron (tweet)

64. Embiid trolls LeBron (tweet)

63. A four-game winning streak!

62. Elton Brand's double-double (watch)

61. Tony Wroten to K.J. McDaniels alley-oop

60. The Jason Richardson Game (watch)

59. Nerlens slams on Andre Drummond (watch)

58. Double-OT victory over Magic (watch)

57. The Embiid muscle pic

56. McConnell inbounds off backboard (watch)

55. Come Back Ish (tweet)

54. Tony Wroten From Three-Quarters Court, Pt. 1 (watch)

53. Tony Wroten From Three-Quarters Court, Pt. 2 (watch)

52. Jerami Grant assassinates Jonas Jerebko (watch)

51. ET gets the bounce to beat buzzer against Nets (watch)

50. Sixers go to 3-0 against Bulls (watch)

49. Grow the Orchard, Sam

48. The Lorenzo Brown D-League Shuffle

47. Sauce off the backboard (watch)

46. K.J. off the backboard (watch

45. Embiid asks Mrs. West to slide into his DMs

44. "Me and Nicki watching the Sixers..." (watch)

43. ET's limo breaks down on the way to Jrue's wedding

42. Jahlil Okafor goes for 31 against Dallas (watch)

41. Ish to Nerlens oopfest in Sacramento (watch)

40. Richaun Holmes Christens Al Horford (watch)

39. Stauskas puts the sauce on it (tweet)

38. Okafor vs. KAT I (watch)

37. #FarewellEvan (tweet)

36. The Miami comeback (watch)

35. Nerlens' fast-break fumble

34. Brandon Davies traded mid-game (tweet)

33. Evan Turner pisses off Lakers with unnecessary 360-dunk (watch)

32. Team WHOP

31. JoJo's date with Rihanna (tweet)

30. Trade deadline 2014 (tweet)

29. Jahlil pre-season alley-oop to Nerlens (watch)

28. Fred Savage Trusts the Process (watch)

27. Evan Tuner, Hot Mic'd

26. The JaVale McGee dunk (watch)

25. Lottery Party 2014 (watch)

24. Nerlens block on James Harden (watch)

23. Michael & Nerlens & Joel & Dario (tweet)

22. Stauskas slams up North (watch)

21. Philadelphia 76ers, 2015 Orlando League Champions (watch)

20. Embiid between-the-legs pre-game

19. Evan Turner, the new Boston Strangler (watch)

18. Finally a win, 2015 (watch)

17. Trade deadline 2015 (tweet)

16. Sixers snap historic losing streak by blowing out Pistons at home (watch)

15. Sam Hinkie's resignation letter

14. Nerlens destroys the Knicks (watch)

13. The Game That No One Wanted to Win (watch)

12. MIchael Carter-Williams wins Rookie of the Year (watch)

11. The James Anderson Game (watch)

10. Finally a Win, 2014 (watch)

9. Lottery Night 2015 (watch)

8. Sixers escape history against Pelicans (watch)

7. Draft Night 2014 (watch)

6. Nerlens and MCW celebrate good times, come on (watch)

5. The Spencer Hawes Finger Guns Game

4. The Nik Stauskas trade (tweet)

3. The greatest almost-win in 76ers regular-season history (watch)

2. Draft Night 2013 (watch

1. The first win against Miami

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