Allen Iverson Deal Receives Luke Warm Reactions in Detroit


Reactions across the Internet have been mixed regarding Allen Iverson becoming a Detroit Piston. Heck, the kids at Detroit Bad Boys aren't even sure about giving the Answer his number.

What number does Iverson wear? Rodney Stuckey is the future, asking him
to give up No. 3 for what could be a one-year rental doesn’t sit well
with me (nor, I’m guessing, with all the fans who already bought his

Tom Ziller of FanHouse writes:

This deal isn't about tomorrow or April, though: it's about July. Iverson is a pending free agent, while Billups and Antonio McDyess will take up $19 million of cap space next season. If Dumars lets A.I. flee and fails to re-sign aging forward Rasheed Wallace,
the Pistons will be looking at upwards of $20 million in cap space in
the summer of 2009. The free agent crop is solid -- not replete with
superstars, but solid. Lamar Odom, Shawn Marion, Hedo Turkoglu, Carlos
Boozer, Mehmet Okur, Ben Gordon ... there's a chance Dumars could pick
up two of those guys with all his space.

Wow. From the NBA elite to a guy dealt more because of his cap
relief in a year than his actual on-the-court value. A lot can happen
in a short period of time.

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