Antrell Rolle Joins Team Scobee, Lobs Belated Threat Desean's Way


Why can't his fellow NFL players just leave Desean Jackson alone? All the guy wants is to do some end zone dancing, maybe display some of his Cali swag, and inform opposing defensive backs, in what I am sure is a very gentlemanly manner, that their attempts to cover him, while noble and well intentioned, is pure folly.

Earlier in the week it was Josh Scobee, a kicker(!), tweeting his feelings about our DJacc. Really? A kicker named Josh? Come on NFL, you can do better than a kicker taking shots at Desean.

Wait, what's that? Antrel Rolle had something to say about Desean's taunting penalty on Sunday night? Apparently he wasn't particularly happy that #10 flipped the ball at Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell. He expressed his displeasure, and lobbed a threat DJacc's way, during his weekly segment with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts.

[Audio of Rolle on WFAN after the jump...]
Skip to the 4:15 mark to hear just how unhappy Rolle was with Jackson.

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Well, what better way to express your displeasure than going on New York
radio and saying had you known what he did you would "have done
everything in my power to wipe his ass out?"

Now that's what I'm talking about. A real live football football player taking a shot at Desean. Sure, the "wipe his ass out" threat was preceded by "Desean Jackson is my boy," and the fact remains that these two teams (barring an unlikely playoff match-up) won't face each other again this year, but Rolle will not let this aggression stand.

I am praying Desean does something bonkers against the Patriots on Sunday. The prospect of Bill Belichick trolling Desean is beyond exciting.

Desean, you keep on doing you.

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