Bloggers and Their Crazy Ideas

Share has a nice little article today about the ever changing dynamic between "actual sports news sites" and "blogs."  I corresponded over email with the author, Chris Illuminati, and gave my take on much of the blog world.  He particularly enjoyed my post about David Bell showing up in the Mitchell Report.

A recent post on The 700 Level was aimed at former
Phillies third basemen David Bell and his recent inclusion on the
Mitchell Report.  Bell's tenure with the Phils was an overall
disappointment, after signing a four-year, $17.5 million dollar
contract after a successful stint with the San Francisco Giants.  Back
problems were the reported culprit but fans had other ideas.  To take
one last jab at Bell, for his forgetful Philly career and Mitchell list
inclusion, the headline read 'He had a prescription' with a picture of
Bell botching what looks like an easy fly ball. And that was it. A
fantastic example of The 700 Levels’ understanding of the typical fan’s
perspective mixed with quick jab humor. Simple and to the point while
funny and biting.  Try that in the daily paper.

Take that papers!

Perhaps my favorite quote from the article comes from our Bugsman Meech on why he blogs, “I spend an inordinate amount of time on the
internet anyways.  I might as well do
something productive with it.  Plus, the girls go crazy for
professional bloggers.  We're like rock stars to these broads nowadays.”

Overall I think it's a nice article that perhaps paints blogs as a little too crazy and willing to post any rumor or conjecture.  Sure some blogs post a lot of rumors and maybe don't fact check everything, but for the most part, in my opinion, a good blog should be a reliable source of fact most of the time.

It's worth reading the whole article.

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