Charles Barkley to Save the World in 2041: ‘Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden'


No, not as the Governor of Alabama but as a video game superhero of sorts.  Watch the trailer below.

From Joystiq:

We hope you've cleared the rest of your 2008, because the epic story of
post-cyberpocalypse Neo New York in the wake of the great B-Ball purge
of 2041 threatens to own the entirety of your existence for some time.
We can't wait to find out the true nature of the chaos dunk and
discover what the press release calls "a cavalcade of easter eggs,
ranging from the mysterious to the unique." Hopefully by the time we're
done finding them all, we'll be nearing the release of the implied
second chapter of "the Hoopz Barkley SaGa." Hit the download link and check out the below trailer while you join us in waiting with bated breath.

Holy shit.  It's like, an actual game.  That you can download and play.  Featuring Charles Barkley.  Trying to save the world.  Amazing.

>> Fan-made Charles Barkley RPG sees full release [Joystiq via bh]

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