Del Frisco's wouldn't print a fake receipt so Evan Mathis was forced to make one. Here's how he did it.


Philadelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis is a player who will go to great lengths for a laugh.

You may have heard about or seen the receipt he posted on Twitter (seen above) on Thursday from Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse for a whopping $64,000. The caption read "Teaching rookies a lesson..." This coming just days after Lane Johnson's $17,000 receipt from the same steakhouse made waves in the media. Johnson explained that his bill was split multiple ways and was just a nice dinner out with the guys, not part of any rookie hazing or anything.

Turns out, Mathis never drank a single sip of Remy Martin Louis XIII or ate a single bite of Banana Bread Pudding to obtain that $64,000 receipt.

Some news outlets actually ran with the fake receipt story but as Adam Schefter pointed out this morning, the items on the receipt formed an acrostic that read "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS RASHAMBO." PFT's Mike Florio had a bit of a hissy fit about it which is a rather hilarious read.

It may not have taken $64k from his bank account but a lot of effort went into the photo you saw. We reached out to Mathis via Twitter and asked how he made the receipt.

He told us he first went to Del Frisco's on Wednesday night and "asked if they could print out a fake receipt. It wasn't possible so I scanned my dinner receipt."

"I created all the data," he told us. "Sent it to my friend who has PhotoShop skills. Then I just printed it out and folded it to the right size."

It's worth noting his friend has very good PhotoShop skills.

But what about that red table cloth that the receipt was placed on? Was that fake as well? It was a red polo shirt.


Jason Kelce was a guest on the 94 WIP Morning Show this morning to talk about the hoax:

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