Denver police struck by firetruck during Nuggets parade left seriously injured

The officer was transferred to the hospital from the Nuggets' parade in Denver after the incident on Thursday morning.

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A Denver police officer is seriously injured after being struck by a firetruck during the Nuggets' championship parade on Thursday morning.

The Denver Police Department said the incident happened towards the end of the celebration at West 13th Avenue and Cherokee Street after 11:30 a.m. MT.

The injured officer who was in SWAT gear was seen conscious after the crash ahead of being transported to a hospital.

Players from the Nuggets -- including NBA Finals MVP Nikola Jokic -- who were on that exact firetruck were escorted off.

Moments later, the truck was covered in crime scene tape. The crash remains under investigation.

The Nuggets capped off an impressive off-season, dominating the Miami Heat in five games to claim the NBA Finals on Monday night.

Jokic wrapped up a historic playoff performance, becoming the first player to lead the league in total points (600), rebounds (269) and assists (190) in a single postseason. The Serbian was also named Finals MVP while becoming a two-time NBA MVP.

The last time the city held a championship parade was June 2022 when Denver honored the NHL's Colorado Avalanche for winning the Stanley Cup Final.

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