Donovan McNabb Saw Part of the Parade, Calls Philly ‘Best Sports Town in the World'


When I got the chance to chat with Donovan McNabb in September, I asked him if seeing the Soul win the Arena Bowl gave him even more of an itch to bring a championship back to Philadelphia. He said at the time that he has always had the itch. Well, after seeing the parade the Phillies put on last week, I think he's starting scratch like crazy. Donovan writes on his Yardbarker blog about how the key guys came through but so did the role players:

The rest of the bullpen and the rest of the bench - Dobbs, Stairs -
also came through when called on. It truly was a team effort and that's
why I love what Jimmy said. It takes more than one player to win a

Their performance and that tremendous parade was
not lost on me and my teammates. A few of us have talked about it
already. I was only able to see some of the parade since we left for
Seattle on Friday. What I saw was enough - that display of passion and
support is why this is the best sports town in the world!


I think most Philadelphians loved when McNabb showed up at the Phillies World Series games decked out in his Phillies gear. When you play for one Philly team and embrace the others, the fans truly appreciate it.

A Philly championship is a Philly championship.

Let's hope the Birds are next.

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