Finally, Carrot Top Weighs in On Andy Reid (Brian Dawkins, Doug Collins, and Others Do Too)


The wives of Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek and Philadelphia Magician Jon Dorenbos put together the above clip for what we think is a local TV show. It features the likes of Eagles great Brian Dawkins and Sixers coach Doug Collins talking into an iPhone telling Andy Reid what he meant to them. The Dawkins bit is actually pretty damn good. It's clear there was much love there.

It also features the likes of Playboy Playmate Husband Hank Baskett and orange-haired comedian (?) Carrot Top sharing... something about Andy Reid as well.

Carrot Top, a resident of Florida, doesn't really say much about Reid's time in Philadelphia, or anything of relevance, but he does try and convince Reid to go coach the Miami Dolphins.

Anyway, go back to your regularly scheduled Joe Webb nightmares.

Miss you, B-Dawk.

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