Here's Hugh Jackman and Stu Holden at the Union Game


On our walk into PPL Park for last night's match between the Union and Sporting KC, we noticed no less than three Secret Service vehicles parked near outside an entrance to the stadium and wondered who was in attendance that might warrant that. I'm still not sure exactly who it was, but there were some deserving special guests in The River End last night, as you can see here. On the left is Stu Holden of the US Mens National Team (and player of the year for Bolton Wanderers), and on the right, Hugh Jackman (aka James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine aka Weapon X).

I couldn't see either from our seats (other than on the screen), but on the way back from getting some refreshments, I ran into Holden on his way out of The River End. His handlers allowed me near enough to him to say hello, shake hands, and confirm that he smelled good, like a winner. Sadly there were no photographers at the ready, but he'll no doubt always remember our lengthy discussion: "Yo Stu!" "Hey!"

Both guys let their legions of twitter followers know they had a good time at the match and gave Philly soccer some proppers. Shame we couldn't have gotten them a W, although Holden said in a tweet that "Philly dominated the game massively." If only on the scoreboard, Stu. Yo.

Photo via @stuholden on Twitter.

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