Ilya Bryzgalov Is Playing Angry Birds While His Russian National Team Is Playing Hockey


The Russian national team is currently playing France in the IIHF World Championships. And Ilya Bryzgalov is playing Angry Birds: Star Wars edition.

Bryzgalov is one of three goalies on the Russian roster, alongside Semyon Varlamnov of the Colorado Avalanche and Vasili Kosechkin, who is currently in net.

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Bryz, on the other hand, is tweeting the following:

These are his first tweets since Jan. 8 and they come just three days after he told a reporter:

Update: Puck Daddy just posted an interview with Bryzgalov in which he actually discusses his long Twitter silence -- "I just don’t find it interesting at all" -- and once again fields questions on the local media, referring to the reporters'  "pure unprofessionalism."

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