Jon Stewart Got His Start At Captain Noah


So the Oscars were last night.  I caught the highlights.  Did you enjoy?  I saw three of the movies up for best picture (No Country For Old Men, Juno, and Micheal Clayton) and have to say, outof those, I thought the right movie won.  I'm just happy Juno didn't win.  Honest to blog!  But hey, nice one for Diablo.

As for the ladies, I'm partial to that doctor from that TV show who got Knocked Up and Kate Blanchett even though she always seems pregnant.  Egotastic is always a reliable source of images from award shows.

Anyway, the point I was trying to get at was that Jon Stewart apparently got his start on the Captain Noah show right here in Philadelphia!  Like us! My first television appearance was also on the Captain Noah show circa 1987 displaying my sick model of Carpenter's Hall.

Jon Stewart's opening to the Oscar's after the jump.

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