Just Like You, Mike Richards Found Out He Got Traded on the Internet link to full audio


Earlier today, I wondered what a barrage of major trades like the Flyers sending away Mike Richards and Jeff Carter would have been like for fans prior to the the internet's complete domination of the media. Presumably, Mike Richards would have found out some way other than via twitter or TSN.com that his career as a Flyer was over. Via the AP's Dan Gelston and everyone on the Richards media call tonight, we found out how Richie found out.

Richie also said he wouldn't have signed his long-term contract if he knew he was going to be traded. If it's tough for you to say goodbye to the captain, it sounds like the feeling is mutual. He and Carter wanted to win a Cup, and retire, together as Flyers. Signed through the rest of the decade, that was the reality most fans were hoping for as well. Time to readjust those sights. 

Click here for full audio of Richie's media availability being introduced as a member of the Los Angeles Kings, via Anthony SanFilippo of the DelcoTimes (forward to 2:25 mark).

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