Mailbag: Damn New York Giants


Many of you watched something happen today that you'd only thought possible in nightmares.  Eli Manning has led his New York Giants to the Super Bowl.  That's tough to watch.  Now Eagles fans will be forced to root for perfection.

My email just lit up with a passionate rant from a Philly fan named Matt from Stockton, NJ.  He makes some... er, points we guess, about the joy Eagles fans got out of watching Terrell Owens and the Cowboys lose.  And then he says something about the Giants being in the Super Bowl sucking a lot.  Matt's email, after the jump.

Great job, I am glad every fucking Philly fan is happy the cowboys lost and TO cried.   The fact of the matter is that this war, as it has been and forever will be is Philly vs New York. You just don’t understand.  Philly fans don’t understand.  What, some Cowboys fan is going to call WIP and pump his chest and they are the enemy?  EVERY year I am confident that the birds will beat the cowboys.  And they do. The Giants are my worry. So here we are, once again, step children and lap dogs to New York.  Same bullshit, different year.  We lost 3 strait NFC title games, only to get the Super Bowl and we lost.  Giants, go, and win.  I am so pissed right now because this is a NO WIN situation.  Does anyone forget Rodney Harrison flopping his arms with his TO impression, and dealing with obnoxious, full of shit New York fans who have won titles in the last 25 years?  Eli Manning is in a fucking Super Bowl.  Someone PLEASE explain that.

What do we have?  Do you really think I wanted to beat the Mets, only to get swept by the fucking Colorado Rockies?  Do you really think I wanted to sit and cry as I listened to Harry Kalas say….ONE MORE, ONE MORE STRIKE!  Thinking of Ritchie Ashburn and Tug McGraw, only to have Kaz Matsui hit a grand slam off of every Q102 19 year old listener’s wet dream Kyle Loshe?  Do you think I enjoyed Scott Stevens fucking the shit out of Eric Lindros and erase a 3 to 1 lead in the conference finals in 2000?  Do you think I wanted to watch Jason Sehorn and Kerry Collins fresh out of a frat party at Penn State beat our shit in 2000?  THIS IS NEW YORK.

I know, cowboys lost, great.  Romo is getting blown by Jessica Simpson.  Giants are in the Super Bowl, and as Plaxico get 10 catches for 180 but we don’t need a receiver.  Go ahead Donovan, bitch about needing players only to have Andy Reid contradict what you tell Les Bowen.  Have Momma McNabb post a blog.    Have Howard Eskin wear a fur coat and say “they did not feel that anyone else would have been an upgrade at that position.”   Have Jeff Lurie tell me about Gold Standards.  Have Dave Montgomery tell me why Philadelphia is a small market team.  Have Chris Wheeler and his shit toupee say WOW after a Ryan Howard homer during a 10-1 game vs Cincinnatti. Have Ed Snider hire Bobby Clark back and the rest of his slow ass goons from Alberta to start for the Flyers and have the Devils win another 20 in a row.  Have the Sixers give Sam Dalaenbert a max contract.  Have Angelo Cataldi bust a nut over 15 wingettes as I turn the dial.  Have Duke beat Temple AGAIN.  I am 32, and this SUCKS.  25 years and growing on years since this town has won anything.

Now, I can't say I really follow your thought process there, Matt, but I appreciate the passion.  One thing I think we can all agree on: Fuck New York.

Show me perfection, Mr. Brady.

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